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What fun at Wooton Barn in Oxford

We had a ball… Literally, at Wooton Barn in Oxford. Over 250 people, most of whom joined us on the Dance floor. It was a packed evening of entertainment with a Band and two DJ’s as well as us!! They were such a lovely crowd and we enjoyed our time[…]

Sad News as the UK’s west loses a fine performer

As the Rascals hail from the West Country, it is always sad when one of your own passes. Tributes were today being paid to West Country actor and director Chris Harris. Mr Harris, who has directed and played the role of dame in the pantomimes across the West since 2001,[…]

Rascals back on dry land

The Rascals are back on dry land after a successful trip on Cunard’s Queen Victoria. The three boys spent a week entertaining guests on the World cruise from San Francisco to Costa Rica backed by the wonderful Royal Court Theatre Orchestra The ship housed a beautiful 900 seat 21st-century theatre[…]

It’s the Mayor of Bristol!!!

The Rascals were having lunch in Bristol prior to checking out new mics, when we bumped into the Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson. A very nice chap in his trademark red trousers.

Swinging for Welsh Hearts

The Rascals had a swell party at City Hall in Cardiff for the charity Welsh Hearts. What an honour to sing with such talented people including joining up once again with Liz Tiley for Baby It’s Cold Outside. Headlining the night were those talented brothers Richard and Adam Johnson from[…]

The ‘Jersey’ Boys

Swinging Rascals - Bristol

The Swinging Rascals are setting the Island of Jersey on fire, performing two nights at Tiffin Teahouse, overlooking the Marina in St. Helier. We were a bit worried about the weather, as the plane was very small and Mike is not the best flyer. We had a very good flight[…]